How can I cancel an order?
Once your order has been submitted we are immediately beginning the process of production of your personalized items. If you would like to cancel your purchase, the restocking fee is 30% of the total amount of the item. To cancel your order, please contact us. 

Do I Pay Custom Fees?
Yes! Normally orders will not be charged for customs fee. However, whilst we try to minimize customs fee for our customers, this is out of our control and varies from country to country.
What should I do if I do not receive my order? We encourage you to track your order online avoid issues in the delivery process. If the delivery time frame has passed, please contact your postal carrier with the tracking number, as well THECHICWOMEN customer service. If your order is lost and your shipping address is correct and deliverable, we will arrange for a free replacement or issue an immediate refund upon confirmation.

Please remember…
- Shipping estimates are from the day of shipping not from the order date.

Late Package : If your order delivery date has passed and you still haven't received your package, we recommend that you try the following (it’s proven helpful to other customers in the past):

  • Check your shipping details on the Order Confirmation and make sure they’re correct.

  • Ask other members of your household if they have accepted the package, as this is a common occurrence.

  • Check (if applicable) with your doorman, by your garage, or perhaps a side door.

    Orders are sometimes left there by the postal service.

  • Ask your local post office if they can provide any further information on the whereabouts of your package and be sure to have your tracking number with you on hand.


Why Didn't I Get An Order Confirmation?

There are a few reasons why this might happen:

- There may have been a typo in the email address you entered. (typos- we all make them!!).

- The email may have been routed to your spam / junk / promotion folder.

- Check these folders. You can also search for our email address hello@thechicwomen.com and hopefully it will show up in the results.

-  Mark our email as 'Not Spam' in your email service.

- Some orders get stopped before being confirmed, this could happen because of special characters in inscription, special requests made by you, an error with the shipping address, or other such matters.

Please allow 24 hrs for your order to process, and for our team to release the order into a confirmed status. If you are still unable to locate your confirmation email after 24 hours, please contact our team and we will be sure to resend it to you.

I Can't Find My Order ID Number : Order ID Numbers are sent once your order is confirmed. You can find your order number in your Order Confirmation email. You can use your Order ID Number to track your order.

Order IDs are one of the best ways for us to identify your order, so if you have any questions we’ll need you to attach your Order ID when contacting us. If you accidentally deleted your Order Confirmation (we all do it sometimes!), just drop us an email and we will send you a new one.