Jewelry Care

All our products that have a base of stainless steel can be worn in water with no risk of tarnishing, to help prolong shine and lifespan, we advise to limit contact with water, liquids and chemicals. All other products that don’t have a base of stainless steel may tarnish over time. 

  • Don't do laundry or wash dishes with them on.
  • Keep them away from perfume, lotion, hand cream etc.
  • Put them in a sealed bag or box when you don't wear them.

Here at THECHICWOMEN we take our products very seriously. We test all our items to ensure that our materials to ensure longevity. That being said, all plated jewelry will tarnish overtime. We take no responsibility or liability for any reactions that may take place; It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure all precautions are taken as we are unable to know each individual's allergies and sensitivities. 

Some of our jewelry are copper, brass based. The metal composition will be stated in the product page, please read it carefully before purchasing. Those that are sensitive to metals should not purchase copper/brass based jewelry and instead opt for our Stainless Steel jewelry.