Jewelry Care

Every Jewelry is precious and should be treated as such. We source quality metals and plating available. All of our jewelry pieces are gold/silver plated, which makes them affordable for all and will turn color over time. We have no control over the time period of discoloration and make no refunds for the same. To extend the life of your jewelry, here are a few simple instructions to keep in mind to ensure it stays looking like new no matter how long ago you purchased it!

1. Makeup first, then accessories

Lotions, hairspray and some cosmetics have chemicals in this that can harm or tarnish your precious jewelry. To keep your customized piece looking its best, keep it out of harm’s way by putting it on after your do your makeup and hair.

2. If you’re cleaning, take it off

Lotions, hairspray, and certain cosmetics have chemicals in it that can cause damage to jewelry, such as tarnishing. By putting on jewelry after putting on makeup, you limit your jewelry's exposure to the chemicals.

3. Jewelry and pools don’t mix

Everyone loves a cool dip in the swimming pool on a hot summer day. But pools and Jacuzzis are full of chlorine, which can discolor your jewelry if exposed too long. So play it safe: When you’re stripping down into your bathing suit, take your jewelry off, too.

4. Rub a dub dub, no jewelry in the tub

Your soaps and shampoos may get you smelling fresh and squeaky clean, but they could do a number on your personalized jewelry if they also have chemicals in this.

5. Be smart about safekeeping

Properly storing your jewelry will do wonders for keeping it looking new. Keep your jewelry in a box where it won’t get tangled up with other items or dinged up from too much movement. A jewelry box with a soft felt lining is a great idea, but you can even line a simple shoe box with fabric to keep your items nestled and safe. Anti-tarnish strips are also a great investment to keep out oxidants than can tarnish and dull your pieces.


Our Wear & Tear Policy / Metal Allergy and Sensitivity 

Here at THECHICWOMEN we take our products very seriously. We test all our items to ensure that our materials to ensure longevity. That being said, all plated jewelry including sterling silver will tarnish overtime. To extend the life of the jewelry, it's definitely best to give them occasional breaks and to keep them away from any moisture; this includes sweat, lotion, sunblock and perfumes. Please do not wear your jewelry in the shower or when washing your hands. It is very important to keep your jewelry away from chemicals / hand creams. All fashion jewelry will experience normal wear and tear over time. 

We take no responsibility or liability for any reactions that may take place; It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure all precautions are taken as we are unable to know each individual's allergies and sensitivities. Some of our jewelry are copper, brass based. The metal composition will be stated in the product page, please read it carefully before purchasing.

Those that are sensitive to metals should not purchase copper/brass based jewelry and instead opt for our Stainless Steel jewelry

Alternatively, you can prevent oxidization by adding a layer of polymer coating/clear nail polish on the side of the products that is in direct contact with the skin.

If you have any questions regarding any of our materials please contact us before purchasing and we would love to help.